Why Meliora?

Female Breast Cancer stands as a significant global health hurdle, making up 11.7% of all cancer cases in 2020, with 2.3 million new cases. Its impact reaches beyond mortality, affecting societal and economic dimensions.

Prevention faces hurdles like awareness gaps, skills deficiencies, and socio-demographic inequities, contributing to avoidable cases. Disparities persist in rural areas and among individuals with lower education levels.

MELIORA, is a collaborative initiative addressing these challenges with innovative solutions. Using digital health technologies and lifestyle interventions, MELIORA aims to bridge existing gaps, offering cost-efficient, effective, and sustainable Breast Cancer prevention programs. The intervention, featuring personalised guidance, feedback, and information materials, will be delivered through healthcare professionals and digital tools, including the MELIORA intelligent Virtual Coach.



How we will do it?

Our work packages are evolving, but include consideration, development and focus on:

Establishing and enforcing the project’s ‘ethics requirements’

Ensuring project success by coordinating, managing, and optimising expertise for efficient implementation

Engaging stakeholders, it centers on situation analysis & implementation strategies

Developing MELIORA Virtual Coach Intervention materials, adaptation plans, and SOPs for effective and sustainable rollout

Technical development of MELIORA Virtual Coach Interventions and digital tools, including AI algorithms

Developing tools for MELIORA Virtual Coach Interventions evaluation and post-project impact assessment

Implementing and evaluating MELIORA Virtual Coach Interventions for behavioural changes

Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

Consortium partners

This collaborative project unites 16 partners from 7 European countries, with the primary aim of addressing barriers to achieving sustainable behaviour change for breast cancer prevention.

News and Events

Find out about the latest MELIORA related news and events.


MELIORA New EU-funded Project launched to transform breast cancer risk reduction through Multimodal Engagement and sustainable Lifestyle Interventions optimised by Artificial Intelligence. The MELIORA Project, a new initiative within the Cancer Mission cluster [...]